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Link: http://www.plasticpromotions.co.uk

Type: Website (XHTML & CSS)

Created: October 2009

Roles: Layout, Design, Content, Photography

About: The Plastic Promotions site was an independent project and all work was completed by myself. Plastic Promotions are a N. Ireland based company who have been producing large plastic advertising models since the late 80's.

The design brief for this project was to create a site which felt both professional enough to reflect the long standing of the business but also jovial enough to address the products of the company which are giant plastic ice cream cones. The company had existing corporate branding which included the plastic promotions logo and the two tone blue and white colour scheme.

The result is a minimalist layout which features no photography in its structure but instead uses product images. Strong colourful gradients give a jovial and professional feel and large cartoon-ish images on the home page give visitors a sense of joviality.

NOTE: Extra credit to Rebecca Lowry for the original sketch of "Ice Cream Man" who features on the homepage.

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