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Link: http://greatershankillpartnership.org

Type: Website (PHP-Joomla! JavaScript HTML CSS)

Created: February 2011

Roles: Graphic Design, Interface Design, IA, Development, Editor

About: The Greater Shankill Partnership is a community regeneration organisation based in Belfast's Shankill Road area. They asked me to design and build an online presence to serve the organisation on several levels.

To define the scope of the project and ascertain the target audience, I interviewed key stake holders; mainly GSP Programme Leaders and the Chief Executive. From these interviews a detailed specification was created.

The primary purpose of the site is to give the Greater Shankill Partnership a presence on the Web.  The site hosts information on the Partnership, its constituent parts and the projects the Partnership is involved with.

A secondary purpose of this site is to serve the Greater Shankill community and provide a central point of information from which individuals can be directed to support services and to promote local self image.  The GSP site is also designed to convey an honest and positive image of the Shankill as it exists today and includes a brief history of the Shankill and other community information.

After the scoping and specification; several wireframe and prototype sites were produced, these were tested and reviewed by stake holders and were approved for the final IA and UI.

The Information Architecture was based around the structure of the organisation and it’s relation to the area; it was a challenge to distil each programme and project into a final structure, but it was decided by the stakeholders that projects would take priority over their parent programmes, to display the range of services offered.  Prior to launch, a final walkthrough was arranged with the stakeholders and it was found that the IA required urgent revision with the programmes being given priority; this meant a large change to the architecture of the site, but was ultimately successful.

The user interface of the site was designed with priority given to dynamic information, sections such as latest news, events and blogs are prominently displayed; while also maintaining a balance of static information on the Partnership and its Programmes.  The main navigation is provided by a drop down menu at the top of each page.

The visual design challenge of the site was to produce something that conveyed the stature of the organisation, but also reflected the informality of the area. The design had to adhere to two complimentary sets of branding; one for the Partnership and one for the Shankill. The final decision was to use a simple blocky design with a motif running along the top of the screen. The vector silhouette features iconic features and buildings from the area; representing the organisations geographical remit, from the Belfast Hills to the terraces of lower Shankill.

Since launch; the site has been under gradual development, as the scope takes in new responsibilities.  As a result of this feature creep, user testing is scheduled for summer ’11 to ensure the integrity of the system.


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